bandera colombia
bandera colombia

Hair Graft

More density and volume for your hair with our hair graft.

capillary graft

If you have felt that you are treated differently just because of your hair.

That every time you hear more comments that remind you that you are not the one you used to be.

If you are tired of trying treatments that look unnatural and although they seem to solve the problem, they keep you in the same place.

We have a solution for you.

One that will give you results for a lifetime.

You will show off healthy hair again, and feel comfortable in the mirror again.

This is the capillary hair graft with the FUE Sapphire technique. This is a procedure that has the highest standards of effectiveness. 95% of grafted hair is maintained over time.

If you want to know more information about this procedure, schedule your free assessment appointment and our specialists will tell you in detail how to recover your hair and be the same as before.

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You are one appointment away from getting your hair back permanently.

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